Thursday, March 18, 2010

back home...just for a day...

view from my run this :)))
Yummy Cuppy Cakes from a cute shop in San Francisco....
celebrating my co-worker Jenn's birthday.
Pictures below are from before we went to Jenn's for bday dinner.
Molly & Camilla
Camilla & myself
With my lovely hostess Molly :)

....once again I did not visit some particular landmarks that I have wanted to see in SanFran, but I was out there for work, so that had to remain my top priority. Speaking of work, someone asked me today if I still love what I do. I answered with an honest 'yes' and then started thinking about how blessed I am to truly love what I do. I decided in high school I wanted to be in Sports Marketing. I did not go to a big fancy school (Hoot, Hoot, go fighting owls) to get my degree in Sports Marketing, but I was in the right place at the right time & knew the right people (I will always swear that it's WHO you know more so than WHAT you know) and landed an internship with SportsMark. Now here I am over four years later and I am in the minority when I can honestly say I love what I do (and what I actually went to school for to boot!). I guess when Dad told me many years ago that if I love what I do I will never feel like I am 'working', I was really listening. These days (of March Madness) are a perfect example of what my dad said. I am working crazy hours and flying all sorts of places, but I am enjoying it, and not dreading what is ahead. I am proud of what I do every day :) if only I could get to the end of this month faster.....


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