Monday, May 17, 2010

from not enough to one too many

Last week we had no church.  The first church we wanted to use was 'under renovations' for all of September & October.  

Over the weekend we had one church option but we thought it was too small.  

This morning, not only is said 'too small church' in fact, not too small but now the very first church we even wanted is suddenly available because they are holding off on previously mentioned renovations.  


So now momma Mel & I are going to go view both spaces, back to back, and decide which direction to move in.  The churches are different.  One costs less than the other.  One is closer to the reception site.  One is quaint and has family history.  One is newer and nicer.  UGH.  My favorite way to solve this kind of solution will be making an appearance in my wedding notebook tomorrow or Wednesday to help me pick ... pros & cons list! 

(do you ever make those? they are THE best and make you really evaluate the full situation.)

Also (as if I needed one more thing on my plate), I leave for Cape Town, South Africa in just 13 days.  My summer adventure in which I will be away 47 days is so close to beginning it's frightening me.  I have so much to do!!  At least my wedding is almost planned ;-)

In other news, BL and I had engagement pictures taken last night with my cousin Lesley.  What a talented gal :) I am dying to see how they turned out...we had a blast!


  1. yay, thats awesome news sister! I can't wait to hear what you think of the both of them & I can't wait to see you pictures!

  2. Wow, good luck with your decision, it sounds like a difficult one!

    Can't wait to see your pictures:)

  3. Good luck deciding! And CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement!!


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