Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Website, No Venue, Never Been There

I updated our Knot website last night...it's still not final but it's getting there :) You can view it here.  Like I said, it's a work in progress, but so much fun to have it going!  I will update as we have more information.  Which leads me to my next point...

We have no ceremony venue!  I have fallen in love with a reception site that does not have enough space for our guests for the wedding.  They offered us a 'gathering' for the ceremony, but I personally don't want any of my guests standing for the ceremony.  Thoughts?  Now I am in search mode for any and all churches nearby.  Not an easy task, and I am not a fan of churches who do not allow non-members to get married there.  I am a member of A church, just not YOUR church.  Ugh.  More phone calls today & fingers crossed we will find somewhere.  The good news is that I have an excellent plan B venue in downtown Atlanta that has both ceremony and reception space, so we'll use it if we need to.  I just reeeeally have my heart set on plan A.  Any suggestions?

In other news, Delta.com just told me I leave for South Africa in 19 days....what?!? Good news is I was finally able to switch to an aisle seat.  I used to prefer a window, but having to ask two people to move just so I can walk or pee is frustrating.  Especially on a 16 hour flight!  And other good news is that I depart back to the states in just 66 days.  Wow, I don't think I am ready mentally to be away for 47 days.  I won't get into this now because I will get emotional.  After all, I am a wimp have never been gone for this long.  I will be blogging as much as I can so family and friends (blogger friends too!) can keep up.  Truthfully I am really excited about seeing not only a new country but a new continent!  I am very blessed to have the job I have and not a day goes by when I don't realize that...this trip to the World Cup, albeit long and hard, is amazing and I am thrilled to go (and equally as thrilled to return)!

 Did you watch Betty White on SNL this weekend?! She was great, and I was thrilled that the Lawrence Welk sketch made another appearance...see below :) 

XOXO, Chrissi


  1. hahaah oh i love it..."i really think that girl should consider bangs" hahaa

  2. I did watch Betty, and she was totally funny, but a little bit dirty:)


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