Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I missed you...

As Lisa Loeb said, "I missed you..."  

Remember me?  The girl who sometimes blogs around these parts?  I feel like I have really missed out in the last few weeks and need to go comb through each one of your blogs to update myself on your lives.  Funny how you can get so attached to your blog friends, isn't it?  So sorry for my absence, although I am not sure any of you were dying to hear from me...I have been busy with family and work life.  

Last week marked one year since we lost our sweet Granddaddy.  Hard to believe a whole year has passed so quickly.  On Saturday afternoon we had a beautiful little graveside service to bury his ashes in the plot of land next to his family.  It was just as Granddaddy would have loved... short ceremony outside, blue skies and bluegrass music.  A true bittersweet time with our family, indeed. 

We had a great day with my family, and lots of time with the kiddos. 

We even brought one of them home with us for a sleepover!  Jr is hilarious (or "LARIOUS" as he says) and we had a blast with him!  

BL did some fishing and I shot a gun...or two...

In other news, my best friend got hitched on the fly.  I received a phone call late one Friday night from my friend telling me that she and her boyfriend {of eight years} had gotten married that afternoon.  Not the least bit surprised, I was thrilled for the two of them!!  Because they eloped, they had a party to celebrate with friends back here last weekend...we had so much fun celebrating!  
with the bride

 my handsome man

 my first "Boo"

In all, life has been: 
Crazy but wonderful.  
Busy but enjoyable.  
Trying but hopeful.  
Tough but blessed.

Make it a great day friends!


  1. Love all of this! Missed you sweet friend <3

  2. Was happy to see your post pop up today! Miss reading them when you are gone. Sounds like you have been keeping busy and enjoying life :)

  3. I love your last paragraph. Chrissi I'm so excited for your future

  4. Was also happy to see your post pop up today :) Hope you both have been doing well!

  5. I was wondering where you went girl :)


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