Monday, March 5, 2012

Guess What...?

Some random/surprising/brain-dumping thoughts on a Monday evening....

My husband was camping this weekend in these crazy storms with my dad, brothers and brother-in law.  I am still thanking God that the boys all made it back safe & sound!

I am also just thrilled that my husband loves my family so much that he actually wants to go on guys trips with them.  I believe that says a lot about how cool my family is the bond of family!

I am about to travel more for work than I have in a long time....  I am going to miss my bed, my pup, my coffee maker, and most of all my sweet BL.  So many trips in such a short period of time?!  Buckle your seat belts, friends, it's going to be a wild ride!, I am happy they are all short trips, but still too much time away...

Also a random thought, I am so thrilled that all of these Delta flights will help get us on vacation this year!  Thank you, SKYMILES!!  I guess there is a perk to this travel, after all!

Last but not least....

I chopped my hair off....I actually surprised myself by my bravery at taking so many inches off & I am so happy I did it!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!  Choose happiness friends, and make it a great week!


  1. I think your hair looks FANTASTIC! Do you love it? Hope your busy weeks of travelling go quickly and aren't too bad :)

  2. LOVE the new haircut!! :)

  3. LOVE it!! I bet it feels so good!! I love that length, but not on me. :(

  4. I love your haircut!! Who's your stylist? :-)

  5. hey chrissi!!

    i came to see you.

    so, where are you heading? and btw, i love short hair. i have super long hair now, but i used to keep it short...and loved it. it looks adorable.

  6. CHRISSI!!! I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR HAIR!!! We need to get together so I can see it in person! The weather is getting nicer so let me know if you wanna go walking soon! :) <3

  7. Your hair looks really cute!!

  8. Love your hair, it looks super cute.

  9. I wanna see the whole hair 'do! Looks SOOO cute! I'm about to go dark and cut mine short, too :) Ready for some CHHHHHHHHHHHANGE!


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