Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday..... FUN day?

Hmm, Monday as a  FUN day?  Doubtful. I'm trying to make it fun with a positive attitude and outlook on the week ahead.  Lucky for me, we're closed on both Friday and Monday of the Labor Day weekend, which means I get a four-day weekend for my 29th {eeek!} birthday!  

A few random Monday musings for you today....

- I am excited to turn 29 in a week.  This gives me 365 days to finish my 30 before 30 list!
- I passed my first {of two} glucose test last week!  Yippee!!  I will have to take it again in 4 weeks just to be sure, but so far, so good! It is really a good thing I passed because of the next musing...
- Last week I may have overdone the whole cake thing.  I blogged about it Wednesday, ate a cupcake at work Thursday afternoon, was surprised by the hubby with a box of Gigi's after work on Thursday {of which I ate one Thursday night and one Friday night}, ate cake at my neice's birthday party on Saturday and then another cupcake at our shower Saturday night.  Yike-o. Strike-o.  I wish I could say I was lying about the cupcake intake, but as Shakira said these hips don't lie.  I think it's time to take it easy on the cake until the big birthday gets here in a few days!   
- Our {televised} baby shower was a blast!!  It was a crazy neat experience and I will certainly blog about it once I get some behind-the-scene shots! 

Ok, back to the grind.  I'll leave you with this hilariously cute video of "Kid President" where he meets the creator of his favorite television show.  Love it!  Make it a great day, friends!!  



  1. 29 in a week? Happy super early birthday! :) Asking for anything special? Can't wait to hear all of the details about the baby shower!

  2. Happy Early Birthday!! We should do a blogging baby shower. :) You look fabulous!! XOXO


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