Monday, February 18, 2013

Month TWO!

This month....

Wearing size 1 diapers and, until this week, you had no blowouts.  You were so kind to your Papa and your Mimi and gave them both your first two blowouts in this size diaper :) 

Wearing all 0-3 month clothing now.  Many of your pants are still too long, but your belly sure does fill up the tops!  Thankfully, you're not too squirmy when you're being changed, but I am sure that will change!

Weighing in at 10lbs 10oz and 21 3/4in long, Max has certainly been eating well & growing strong!  The "official" percentiles given have only changed a bit since last month: 20% weight, 10% height and 75% head.

You are holding your head up SO well! Dr. Royal told us you have "incredible tone" and you're strength is can thank you Daddy for those genes!  You're also now starting to stand in our laps when we hold you up.  You're getting so strong and growing so well!

Cuddles with anyone (but especially mom & dad), playtime on the mat under the music and lights, KSU Choir rehearsal with your Papa, eye contact & bath love bath time!! 

We found out this month that your tummy does not like milk protein that momma gives you, so for now, you don't like diary {unless it's momma's milk!}.  You also don't like being alone for very long or when you're hungry!



  1. What a cute picture! I love the little feet!

  2. i love him!! and my baby girl isn't a fan of dairy either. :(

  3. He's such a little bean, love it!! :)

  4. Man...I can't wait to see the fellow...he's growing so big and strong. Can't wait to hold him and tell him just how blessed he is to have such loving parents and a fantastic support system. Missing you guys..


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