Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Craft

Not going to lie, I had many pinterest crafts that I was sure I would do on maternity leave.  Yeah. Right.  I did one.  ONE craft.  You might say I was distracted. 

On to the craft...
see how easy the distraction is?!?

Found this on Pinterest and knew I had to have it on my mantel!  
So I headed to Hobby Lobby (favorite craft store ever!!) and picked up their 8' cardboard letters & two shades of yarn {I chose two shades of pink with one solid red}.
Then I started wrapping.....
and wrapping.....
closed letters, such as the 'O' are time consuming! 


I opted for the straight across look for our mantel, but either way is adorable!

So there you have one completed craft :)





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