Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Obsessed with, or Depressed by, Downton

Anyone else obsessed with Downton Abbey?!  This show came to us from across the pond and has been a huge success! Something about the dramatic family/staff dynamic, set in a fascinating time period {WWI} combined with fabulous outfits and British accents.   

Love. This. Show.

They have, however, managed to make me cry harder this season that any other.  


Killing off two of the main characters?! {one in an incredibly real and dramatic fashion} It's just been a tough season to swallow!  Never-the-less, Downton has been saved from destruction, Bates is home with Anna and Mary has a sweet new baby boy, so I guess you can't say it was a bad season at all.  My friend Allison posted these two gems on Facebook this week and I just had to share with any fellow Downton fans...

And this is my favorite...especially if you the always-sticks-in-your-head tune by One Direction....

Since season three has just ended, I will be drowning my sorrows by watching every episode {on DVR} again, and maybe again

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


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