Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun Weekend

This weekend was very fun, and I was sad to see it leave....

Friday night Bobby was a great boyfriend and went to see Dear John with me. I read stats that 84% of the attendees at this movie over the weekend (that knocked Avatar off the top spot) were female. Our theater was probably more like 95%....hahaha. Bobby was a trouper & sat through all of the romance, and the sniffles :) I loved that book but was slightly disappointed in the movie (doesn't it always happen that way?!).

Saturday I joined some other women to throw a baby shower for one of my best girlfriends Sara. Her & her husband are not finding out what they are having, so we used green, yellow and white for the decor. I must say, it was all very cute. We did a gift card tree and every brought their favorite children's book.
Fun ducky decor
children's books & giftcard tree

Saturday night I hung out with Bobby and his brother who was in town. I meant to take a picture but forgot my camera...they look so much alike!

Super Bowl Sunday was a lot of fun over at Andres & Tonya's. Andrew cooked some yummy ribs & every brought some side dishes. I tried out Bakerella's recipe for Oreo truffles and they were a hit! Some of them cracked on the way over but they all tasted yummy :))) It was a lot of fun to watch the Super Bowl with family & listen to the kiddos laugh in the playroom. I just love that!

this is Bobby's 'what is Manning doing' face...

Here it is....Tuesday morning, raining outside, blah....time for work!


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