Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Happened to February?!

WOW, I can't believe it is almost March! This means so many things to me & I thought I could create a nice list to document these 'things' (I love lists!!)...

  • I have only 8 weeks left in my training for the Nashville Rock 'n Roll half marathon. Not going to lie, I am getting a tad anxious about my first half.
  • I am working long hours planning for March Madness events across the country...with my job March really is Madness!!
  • In just over a month I will celebrate my THREE year anniversary with my little man, Guster G. Brown Town, or Gus for short. Who knew a dog would have such an impact on my life?!
  • Also in just over a month I will celebrate my one year anniversary with BL. Time sure does fly when you're having fun!
  • Next month I will be back on the road & can't wait to see friends/colleagues in San Francisco.
  • It will warm up soooooon :))) (it better, at least!)

So that's really it. Sorry for the boring post, just don't have a crazy fun life right now.



  1. 3 years, WOW! Can we have a play date soon? Maddux sure misses Gus! Is it weird to have a spend the night party with dogs..... :-)

  2. I know the feeling about time flying by! My oldest dog, Karch, will be 9 next week. Summer, I bet you remember when I first got him. Chrissi, so glad to see that you read my blog. Thanks for the now I know i'm not being weird by reading yours! :) ha. Really enjoy it! ...crossing my fingers for the warm weather soon!


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