Tuesday, February 16, 2010

nice, long weekend...in pictures!

This weekend was longer than usual, but as usual, still not long enough! Here are some pictures to show what went on......

FRIDAY: I got my hair cut & colored (wow, did I need it!). I tricked my sister with the picture below & found out she would not be honest if I had a horrible cut, because she claimed those bangs to be 'cute'. HAHA :) She was just trying to be sweet...I do love the way my hair looks when styled for real! I also did some other non-work related things (not always the case on an official day off...). Then the snow fell, and fell, and fell. Gus loved it, and I wish I had used my FLIP to take some video. Oh well, at least I took some pictures... We were supposed to have had game night at my parents, but we cancelled and I went to Lori's for wine & Scrabble. It was fun...even though I lost.

SATURDAY: I was lazy Saturday morning and took some beautiful photos of the blue sky behind the snow-covered trees. My favorite is below... Saturday afternoon I met Bobby to go to a friend's kiddo's first birthday. Little PJ was so cute eating his cake! I didn't have my camera, but my blackberry came in handy! After the party we went to AMC by Town Center & were thrilled to find out they now had an IMAX screen. We saw Avatar after hearing how amazing it was. The glasses were hilarious & left me with a mark, or two, and blood-shot eyes, as pictured below. The movie was really good, and I am glad we saw it on IMAX. We had a great date night :)

SUNDAY: Valentine's Day has always been my least favorite holiday. Not because I've been bitter on V-Day (I have) but because it's just a way for retail to get more $$ from consumers. And in all honesty, if my Valentine hasn't made me feel loved the other 364 days, what good is one day going to do? Regardless, I do like to make treats so I made a plate of goodies for my Valentine and we went to dinner at FIGO and went to church. It was a good message on expectations. If you have time, go listen here. I also accomplished a big feat when I ran a full 4.5miles for my training...woohoo!! I earned some V-Day goodies with that one :)))

Funny note, Bobby saw these and said "that was so sweet...it's like Chrissi, Bobby, Chrissi, Bobby, Chrissi, Bobby....." hahaha, oh, my relationship makes me laugh :)

MONDAY: Another 'day off' that wasn't entirely such. It was still a good day, as I got to see & catch up with an old friend, which was very exciting! Lori & I went to walk down by the river, & I met Beckster at the gym for an ab class before heading to Grandma & Grandaddy's for dinner. When I got home I watched the Bachelor...so glad my favorite gal is still in...yay Vienna!! SIKE, I am on team-Tinley 110%!!
In closing, It was a good few days, and now I am full steam ahead as we get ready for March Madness....it is, indeed, madness.


  1. You got me a little nervous on the Vienna thing!! Have you noticed how she smiles ALL THE TIME!!! it's like she's on happy pills or something!! I'm voting for tinley all the way!!

  2. Love the Bobby comment :-) And I'm glad you showed a picture of your bangs styled....I was a little worried when I saw the first picture.

  3. How did you make those delicious-looking treats?? I have the afternoon off, and I sure am hungry ...

  4. Nice t-shirt, friend! Glad you still wear it!!


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