Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 5

above: after Andrew's team won big 
below: me just over a year old with my brothers

This could be a potentially long post, seeing as I have four of them!! I am so happy we all live within about 45 minutes of each other, all just outside of Atlanta.  Some may think it's rare to be so close with all four of my siblings, but i wouldn't have it any other way!  They are seriously some of my most favorite people in the entire world!

So, let's start from the top, err, the oldest....

Josh - my oldest brother Josh is quite a guy.  He has always been a leader in our family, and quite the brainiac.  I can call him anytime for advise or political knowledge, and he is always happy to let me know what is going on.  Josh is giving, smart, entertaining and kind.  He played baseball in college at Berry, where he met his wife.  Josh and his wife Summer live in Woodstock, GA with (my dog) Gus' BFF Maddux, their adorable and sweet chocolate lab.  One random fact about Josh is that he introduced me to 311 and Rage Against the Machine.  I have many great memories of riding in his car, trying to obey his "no talking" policy and wanting to be as cool as he was is.

Andrew - fabulous father of (almost) three, he is quite the entertainer.  Like Josh, he also played college baseball at Brewton Parker, where he also met his wife.  Andrew and his wife Tonya have AJ (5) and Natalie (3) and are expecting baby #3 in April and we are thrilled for them. They live in an adorable house in Douglasville, GA. They used to be the furthest away but we are so thrilled they moved to metro Atlanta over 2 years ago!  Andrew is a great dad, loving brother, funny man and all-around great guy!  One random fact about Andrew, he draws really well and can design a tattoo for anyone ;)

Ashley - the oldest (by one whole minute) of my little twin sisters, Ashley is a wonderful momma to two boys (3 & 21 months) and one precious little girl (2 weeks yesterday).  Ashley married her wonderful husband Matthew on January 27, 2007 and they live (like Josh) in Woodstock, GA. They are very selfless workers at their church and always helping others! Ashley is one of the most loyal people I have known in my entire life.  She is funny, loving, wise and true.  One random fact about Ashley is that she is the only person in my immediate blood family who hates seafood....well, except crab, but that's another story for another day ;)

Elizabeth - the baby (again, only by one minute)...she has certainly spent more time living with me than any other sibling.  We lived together (duh) growing up and then again in college and even after college for a few months in my new house, right before she got hitched.  Elizabeth, or Buff as everyone calls her, or Ster as I call her, is smart, giving, funny and loyal.  She makes a great roomie, too!  Ster is the wife of Josh and the momma of baby Jakson (1 yr old this month).  Elizabeth and Josh will welcome baby #2 in May and we are thrilled!! One random fact about her is that she was a cheerleader her freshman year of college...Goooooo Berry ;)


  1. LOVE it. thanks sister :) you are the BEST. and i ABSOLUTELY love how close we all are. Josh and I were just talking about that the other day. i love our family and our friendships :) oh and yeah...i try and forget my cheerleading days ;) hah

  2. Ok, I know that I'm a total creeper, but I saw your comment on the blog Story of My Life and I had to tell you that I've never met a Chrissi that spells her name like mine until YOU! How fun! I regularly ask my parents why they decided to name me Christine, call me Chrissi, and spell the name so uncommonly.

    Anyway, now you know that there is another Chrissi out there who spells it just like you!

    Chrissi Harris

  3. That's so funny - I have five or six friends that went to Berry! It's a pretty small school, right?

    PS - your sisters are gorg like you. And your brothers are foxes.

  4. you are too sweet! love the post and it made me cry...in a good way! love you!

  5. This looks like fun. I'm gonna copy you and I can't wait to read more!

  6. You have such a beautiful smile, my dear!! And what a little doll you were when you were little!!! :) :)


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