Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Day 7-Favorite movies

Who sent the roses?  How does he have that amazing rooftop garden?  Oh, how I love this movie!

I can quote just about the whole thing......

This one melts my heart, every time...Jude Law's daughters are adorable plus both Kate and Cameron are it!!

 One of the only books where I actually like the movie better.

Toe pick.

Holy moly, this one will make me sob every single time, even though this book was better. Thank you, Nicholas Sparks!

Grace Kelly.  Do I really need to say more?

"How is God today?"  Oh, this one is hilarious!

Make it a great's Thursday, which makes tomorrow Friday :) 


  1. Such GREAT movies! Liar Liar gets me laughing every time!!

  2. OMG Bed of Roses ... I had totally forgotten about that movie. That Scarlet song ... Independent Love Song ... I cry just thinking about it.

  3. Haha the cutting Edge. Oldie but a goodie

  4. Bed of Roses...I forgot about that one!! I remember seeing that movie in the theater with my friends in high school! I just might have to buy that one!!

    Your other picks are fabulous too!

  5. Ive NEVER cried as hard while watching a movie as I did while watching PS I love you! Tear-jerker! by the way, I totally may have to steal this 30 day challenge from you!

  6. Omg... I saw PS I Love You for the FIRST time a couple weeks ago, and I think I SCARED my husband because I was crying soooooo hard almost the whole movie!!!! LOL!!! It was so incredibly saaad!!! But sweet. Have a great Friday Chrissy!! :)

  7. LOVE all these movies! So glad I found your blog-- you're adorable! (:


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