Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brr, it's cold in here!

   I have seen snow in my life, but not this much this fast!  

It came down Sunday night and has yet to leave.  Did I mention that snow shuts down our city?!  As in, snow fell three days ago and schools are still out and businesses are still closed.  I know, people who live in the North are laughing at us!  To say we have cabin fever would be an understatement, so we've had to get out some, even if it means walking. In the cold. BRR.  

Monday we made time for sledding and car cleaning (snow on the car was a good 5 inches thick)....

 (we did not make this, but he was oh-so cute!)

little man sat at the door and watched us clean off the cars...he wanted to play!!

and then yesterday - our date night - we walked up to QuikTrip to get coffee and a hot dog.  Along the way we stopped for some photos, and a flip video or two :)
(please, please forgive me for looking like a fool and not put together)

When-oh-when will this icy stuff melt?  I need to get out of the house & walk around Target or something!!

Stay warm & make it a great day!


  1. I feel your pain! I'm stuck at my parent's 3....but today it's just me, Sean and Claire and I might go on a very. VERY long walk today!

  2. Haha such fun and cute pictures! I wish that when we got snow, my city was shut down....unfortunately I live in Canada and it's always snowing here!

  3. There must be some toros in the atmosphere.... waitttt what?! haha.

    LOVE THE SNOW PICS!!!! But idk how ya'll deal with all that snow and snowday after snowday!!! I would go crazy! Snow is pretty and fun to play in but I am glad I live in FL.

    Hope things go back to normal soon! <333

  4. Ballin on a budget bahahah

  5. I'm totally laughing at the whole situation as I grew up in MI and did undergrad in IL. If it snowed this much there, we would have still had school. It would take *a lot more* to shut anything down!! However, the problem here in the ATL is that there isn't enough resources to take care of it nor do they know how--they should PLOW the snow before they salt/lay down sand which would get rid of the icy problems. And don't even get me started on the fact that ATL *only* has 8 salt trucks!! lol.

    While I don't quite have cabin fever, I do really need to go grocery shopping and this Target addict is going through withdrawals... And I'm super bummed we didn't get to go on a double date last night :P Next week!!!

    Hope you both are staying warm :)

  6. Looks like you have fun in the snow! Cute photos! In Minnesota, we got 16 inches one day, and people were still driving around :)



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