Friday, January 21, 2011

long week...welcome to my busy season!

The annual NCAA Summit was this week in Atlanta, which meant that I only had to travel by car! It was a brief summit, compared to past years but it was insightful and great time spent with colleagues and clients.  Did I mention that I met Charles Barkley?  He was hilarious and gave us quite a show before dinner.  My boss had him sharing all sorts of stories after all of the other 180 attendees had gone into dinner, which meant it was pretty much like a Charles Barkley comedy hour for just 8 of us...

c barkley

I heart my job :) 

Can you believe it's already January 21?!  Where has the time flown off to?  This is my busiest time of the year, so I have no doubt that April (and the Final Four) will be here before we even know it....YIIIIKES!  I can relate to all of the accountants out there who are just chomping at the bit for May to be here so they can take a day off.  

...a girl can dream ;)

At least it's Friday & I have the weekend ahead.  Boy, do I have something fun lined up for Sunday!  It's Pie Day (pie the food, not pi the math term)....that's all I'm saying!

Before I sign off I'd like to ask a special request for you to say a prayer for my sweet cousins and aunt and uncle, who lost their grandfather/father this week.  I know they are hurting right now, and my heart is broken for their loss.  They can find joy in knowing they will see him again one day, but it doesn't take away the sting of losing someone you love. 

Life is short folks....hug the people you love and TELL THEM how much they mean to you.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!  Make it a great one :)


  1. It's Hug day! Saying prayers for your family. Losing someone, even when you know you'll see them again, is never easy <333

    AND YOU MET CHARLES BARKLEY?! What do you do???

  2. Intrigued by pie day. :)

    And how nice you didnt have to travel far.

  3. It's so cool that you love your job! That is awesome!

    And your family is definitely in my prayers, so sad to lose someone special.


  4. Wow!! Look at you and Charles Barkley!! Saaweeet!! ;)


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