Sunday, January 9, 2011 per my BlackBerry

 I have been the worst picture taker these days!  I seemed to have missed our Thanksgiving trip, Christmas with both families (two or three pictures do not count as capturing a holiday), and NYE.  I guess for now I will have to live with the BlackBerry pictures to show what I am up to...

 new running shoes and 4 miles clocked yesterday...finally!

 my newest niece, Tinsley Mae, is growing so fast!  

 much needed manicure in SanFran with my sweet friend my 'Jessica Rabbit' red nails ;)

I (illegally) turned on my BlackBerry to catch this shot of the beautiful sunrise as my flight took off from SFO.

Have a great weekend!


  1. LOVE the pictures! Esp the illegal one!!! I need some new aesics, yours are so pretty! And loving the nails...and your ring...its SO unique! <333

  2. :) I have always wondered if the phone will really mess with the plane like they say it will. With all the technology out there it seems like they could fix that. I think it's just so we don't annoy the other passengers. LOL! Does your phone have an airplane mode?

  3. Just found your blog, it's so cute! Love the pictures, especially the illegeal one. :)

  4. Oh...I'm gonna tell. ;) It's a beautiful picture!

    I wish I had a phone with camera abilities. I find myself lugging my dSLR everywhere and its such a pain sometimes. I've even busted it out in the gym! LOL

  5. New to your blog and absolutely loving it.

    & I always turn on my phone too.



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