Friday, December 17, 2010

Feel Good Friday

what is making me feel good on this pretty Friday morning......

1. The hope that Grandma may get to go home from the hospital today.

2. Is it just me, or does God blow your socks off with his creation when you feel the most down/stressed/sad/frazzled?  Crazy how pretty the sky has been this week.  I love it!   I took a pictures of this beautiful sunset as I walked to the car Sunday after checking g'ma into the ER.

3. Last night, we purchased over $60 in goodies from Hobby Lobby for under $30...that's how we roll.  LOVE deals from the Hob Lob :)

4. Friday night with nothing to do.  I used to hate not having plans, now I love it! A night at home with BL. Perfect.

5. Christmas is a mere 8 days away.  Need I say more?  I realize this may send some into a frenzy, but I am ready.  If by ready you mean I need to wrap several gifts and maaaaybe purchase a few more

Are you feeling good today?  Go link up with Erika!  Happy Friday, folks :))


  1. Sometimes it amazes me that people can doubt the existence of God when we have such beautiful sights like that. How can there NOT be?

    I hope your grandma is able to come home from the hospital today and enjoy the holidays with y'all's family.

  2. i love fridays with nothing to do too! Praying for your gma!

  3. My prayers to your grandmother and all of you. I love to see beautiful sky.
    And I love evenings home with my loving ones.
    Years ago when I was young and social, a woman said to me that she would rather be home relaxing than out with people she didn't really care about. Since then I socialize a lot less and enjoy it.

  4. God does surprise us when we need it!! and i looooove having a friday to veg out.

  5. I love being home with nothing to do at night, but have a great movie and TV.

    My daughter and I have a Twilight marathon planned for this weekend and we can't wait!

    I too am almost done with Christmas so I am not stressing. I am stressing about my hubs birthday which is on Jan 2. I have zero ideas!!!

  6. I love Friday nights in too :) I just wish that I got home earlier on Friday nights so that I could enjoy them with Jake... eventually I'll have a *real* job.

    I hope that your grandma is doing better. Keeping her in my prayers.

    As much as I still have to do for Christmas, I'm actually not feeling stressed. Which I'm really thankful for. I just keep telling myself that if the gifts don't get there in time for Christmas, the gifts still mean the same after Christmas. I know that I should have been on top of it but ::shrugs:: oh well.

    See you on Sunday!! And, I agree on the double date :)


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