Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Every week, my friend Candra over at Curious Georgi has a Thankful Thursday blog party.  I love taking time to reflect on what I am thankful for.  Since Thanksgiving was last week and I did not post about it, this is now my opportunity.  After you're done reading you can write you own, then hop on over & link up!

Here are some of the things I am thankful for today...

1. warm house - there are far too many people who don't have a home or can't pay their heating bill.  I am so thankful for the blessings and provisions to be able to keep my house toasty!

2. my family - we had an exciting adventure to Wilderness at the Smokies last week for Thanksgiving.  If you have children and live anywhere near TN, you owe it to your kids self to go.  The adults loved it too!  Big thanks to my momma, Momma Mel, for planning such a fun vacation!

3. flannel sheets - just because I can run my heat doesn't mean I can (or will) blast it.  I am so thankful for my flannel sheets keeping BL and me warm at night!!

4. our new Sunday School class, The Union - this is a FABULOUS group (30+ couples) of folks who have been married 5 years or less.  BL and I have felt immense blessing through this class and really look forward to the growth within this class, both together and in fellowship with others in our stage of life!

5. safety - my neighborhood was on 'lockdown' a couple of weeks ago because two armed robbers were on the loose, and it made me so aware of how safe we typically are around here.  There are so many places (even nearby) where you don't feel safe on a daily basis.  I am so thankful I was able to purchase our house in an area where I am safe - way more often than not.

6.  Mickey D's tea - half and half, light ice, with lemon, $1.06.  Yes ma'am!!  (side note, if you have not tried this you have not tried the best tea besides my Granddaddy's!!)

7.  The ability to walk/run - sometimes I am lazy & don't run for over a week, and then I am reminded that there are thousands who would give anything for the chance to run....and I lace up my shoes and enjoy God's creation (ok, sometimes I enjoy the creation CREATED by God's creation...i.e. the treadmill)

8. Blogs - I love getting to know people through blogs.  I think blogging is a great release, and at the risk of sounding 100% lame, I love my fellow bloggers, and have gotten to know some really neat gals on here. I hope to someday actually meet some of you.

9. CHRISTMAS TIME!!!  I love Christmas in the understatement of the century, and I am thrilled to be celebrating with BL as my husband this year as well ;)  

10.  Speaking of BL, that is my last item on the list - My Husband - I had no clue what was in store for me when I said "yes" to his proposal and "I do" at the altar, and I can't wait to see what adventures are in store for us.  The love we have for each other is stronger than ever and founded on something way bigger than BL or me.  I am so blessed to have a man who not just accepts my faults, but loves me every day in spite of these faults (and boy are there a lot of them!).  I am so so SO thankful for this handsome man, and I am SO looking forward to our lives together in the days, months, years ahead!  I love you Boo Boo!



  1. thanks for doing it again! and for using my new button. i really appreciate it. i by no means mean to pressure you to continue, but if you keep at it, i can't promise, but "i promise" the blog hop will grow :)

    you don't sound lame, blog friends are so fun and awesome and i'm so thankful this year for them too.

    i'm so happy for you newly wed...ha ha, You guys don't need flat sheets to keep warm, lol, but seriously, that is a good idea...the flat sheets i mean ; )

    my parents have been to that place in TN a few times and we want to go soon. looks awesome.

    your blog post was so remembering the things we take for granted like safety, warmth, ability to move. thanks for reminding me on a hard day :)

    [oh and in the future you can title your post on my mclinky whatever you want, but in general people usually name it what their blog title "Curious Georgi" or "Home is Where the Heart is" next to your thumb nail, again, your choice, but just thought I'd mention it]

    You're awesome, when we come home...double date!

  2. What a sweet post. It's nice to reflect on the little things we are blessed with, like flannel sheets and tea, and the big things like loving husbands and roofs over our heads.

    I love my blog friends too, and I feel like I have made real friendships through blogging! So many times I'll talk to James about whatever, and I'll reference a blogger as a friend. :)

  3. all wonderful things to be thankful for :) love you big sis!

  4. Your Sunday class sounds like our group. I LOVE our group! They have become all of our closest friends over the years. I don't know what I would do without them. I'm sure the same blessings will come to you both in a group like that.

  5. It was great seeing you today! Maddux loved playing with Gus!!! Let me know about Fickle Pickle :-)

  6. This is SO great. I love how much gratitude you have in your life.


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